Why is Shanghai called the "magic capital "?


Shanghai's "magic capital" comes from Japan. The word "magic capital" has become one of the nicknames of Shanghai since the 1920s and 1930s. Until today, it has been used to describe Shanghai's lost world.

The earliest source of the word "magic capital" is a book called "magic capital" published in 1924, the masterpiece of Japanese writer Muramura.

The book describes Shanghai during the Chinese concession period, which is the first time Shanghai has been called the magic capital.

After traveling to Shanghai, the Japanese writer thought that Shanghai at that time had formed various strange phenomena because of the mutual penetration and conflict between the concession and the county seat, which made it have a "magic nature" different from other cities, so it was called "magic capital ".

Now, people call Shanghai a magic capital, more of which means magic capital. A enchanted city, called the magic capital, that's all.

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