Forbidden City


My name is the Forbidden City ,600 years old.

From the royal palace to the people's museum, I am very old, witnessed the Ming and Qing dynasties more than 500 years of dynasty change.
But I am very modern, in the eyes of young people, I am "network red person ".
I have the world's largest palace complex :961 meters long north and south ,753 meters wide east and west, surrounded by 10 meters high walls ,52 meters wide moat outside the city.
Also collected as many as 1.8 million pieces (sets) collection, including a collection of more than 8000 pieces (sets).
I have witnessed too many ups and downs and times. Now, I'm going to tell you a story.

Jingshan overlooks the Imperial Palace

Yongle four years (AD 1406), Ming Yongle Emperor Zhu Di moved to Beijing. A palace is about to be born.
"The Book of the Han Dynasty "," Heaven has a purple palace, is the residence of God also. The king set up the palace, like it ". My earliest name was the Forbidden City.
At that time, I was a high palace, ordinary people can not enter.

In order to build me, Emperor Yongle sent people to Sichuan to collect wood, it took more than ten years to prepare most of the wood needed for the project.

Ming Chengzu Zhu Di statue axis

It was not until Yongle's eighteen years (AD 1420) that the palace was finally completed, bringing together the wisdom of countless skilled craftsmen. This year, I was finally born.
In my early years, I seemed to have been unlucky, repeatedly struck by thunder.

In 1421, the three great halls, which had been built for several months, were Twenty years later, in 1441, the three major halls were rebuilt.

Visitors visit the Palace Museum in Beijing

How many masters have I had? It depends.
Ming Yongle Emperor Zhu Di built me, Ming Jiajing Emperor transformed me, so that the palace inside and outside the palace, the temple pattern has changed a lot.
In 1644, I ushered in a new master, more than one.
This year, Emperor Chongzhen hanged himself in the coal mountain; Li Zicheng, the king of Beijing, ascended the throne in the Forbidden City, Wuying Temple.
My form and appearance are also changed by my master.
Shunzhi twelve years (AD 1655), the Qing Dynasty imitated Shenyang Qingning Palace to rebuild Kunning Palace, becoming a typical example of Manchu and Han blending. In the first year of Yongzheng (1723 AD), Emperor Yongzheng moved into the Yangxin Temple. Since then,

Eight emperors lived and managed here, and Yangxin Temple became a place to witness the major historical events of the Qing Dynasty.

Photo of the Last Emperor Puyi

On February 12,1912, Emperor Puyi announced his abdication; in 1924, members of the royal family, such as Puyi, were expelled from the Forbidden City.
I have witnessed the life of 24 emperors, Puyi is the last.
Since then, I no longer belong to the high imperial power, I opened the palace door, meet the people, become a museum.

I belong to the people.

The Forbidden City in the 19th century   

Over and over
I had a new name —— the Palace Museum in 1925.
But in that turbulent age, I was devastated by the war.
After the September 18 th incident in 1931, the safety of cultural relics and I became a puzzling problem. In 1933, Shanhaiguan lost, the Palace Museum Council officially decided to move south ," The Imperial Palace people "with more than two thousand boxes of antiquities began a major migration.

Finally, these cultural relics converge to the rear of China's War of Resistance against Japan —— Sichuan "asylum ", after the victory of the War of Resistance against Japan, one after another" return ".

By 1949, when New China was founded, I had gone through the war. At that time, the residue that people cleared from me was 250000 cubic meters.

In May 1949, the Imperial Palace ancient building repair project began, the former palace gradually restored. I was listed on the World Heritage List at the World Heritage Congress in Paris in December 1987.

The Imperial Palace Night