Tea culture


Tea culture means the cultural characteristics formed in the process of tea drinking activities, including tea ceremony, tea morality, tea spirit, tea couplet, tea book, tea set, tea painting, tea learning, tea story, tea art and so on. Tea culture originated in China. China is the hometown of tea, Chinese tea drinking, it is said to have started in Shennong era, less said also more than 4700 years. Until now, Chinese compatriots also have the custom of tea ceremony. The preparation of tea in various parts of China is varied: there are smoked bean tea in Taihu Lake, scented tea in Suzhou, ginger salt tea in Hunan, Xia Jun tea in Shushan, frozen top tea in Taiwan, Longjing tea in Hangzhou, Oolong tea in Fujian, etc. More than 100 countries and  People in the region like to taste tea, tea culture varies from country to country, and Chinese tea culture reflects the long civilization and etiquette of the Chinese nation.

Tea is really just a way of life

Often meet some friends, mention tea always carefully said: I do not understand, even tea, but also casually drink. Whether this cautious attitude is modest or not, it is really not so important for most people to understand tea or not. If it feels good to drink some tea, it's enough to keep drinking.
Drinking so much tea, facing the category of tea, or a little understanding.

This is the six basic teas that call the dragon.

Fermentation Section
The division of the six major tea categories is based on the production, determined by the different degrees of tea fermentation. The degree of fermentation affects both the taste and efficacy of tea, which is why you need to understand it.

The higher the degree of fermentation of tea, tea is more mild, such as black tea, black tea is suitable for people with bad stomach drink; on the contrary, not fermented or slightly fermented tea, tea slightly cold, suitable to reduce fire to dry, but the weak spleen and stomach should be appropriate.


reen tea | clear, mellow, fresh
White tea | white green, soup yellow white, sweet fragrance
Yellow tea | yellow leaves, bright golden yellow, mellow sweet
Oolong tea(Blue tea)| green golden, mellow fragrance
Red tea | high-colored and rich, red leaf soup, strong glycol
Black tea |  brownish old and mellow
These are adjectives, and the most important thing is to experience it personally to feel the beauty and fun of tea.

Different tea leaves have different tea properties, conform to the tea made out of tea, can maximize the taste of tea, aroma, soup color. Six tea brewing methods are diverse, as long as remember green tea and yellow tea do not stuffy, other want how to bubble how to bubble, no specific brewing techniques, others tell you the way is not necessarily suitable for yourself, only you like it.

Although it is dry tea, in order to maintain the activity and taste of tea, storage is also a little bit of attention. Three principles of tea storage: drying, avoiding light, sealing.
Green tea and yellow tea | sealed and refrigerated in refrigerator
White tea, Oolong tea | sealed at room temperature; do not drink for a long time, refrigerate
Red tea | sealed at room temperature, keep in mind moisture-proof
Black tea | stored at room temperature, cool and ventilated, remember the sun.

Green tea
The head of six tea classes.
zero fermentation, tea polyphenols are the most.
slightly cold, slightly bitter, back sweet.
Clear heat and dry, refreshing and refreshing.
not suitable for the weaker gastrointestinal population.
White tea
Treasures of tea.
Mild fermentation, cool tea.
Taste light, back sweet.
Rich in tea polysaccharides, suitable for people with hypoglycemic needs.

Yellow tea
Chinese tea.
 Soup color apricot yellow clear.
Slight fermentation, refreshing and mellow taste.
rich in tea polyphenols and caffeine.
Refreshing mind, digestion and stagnation.

Green leaves with red edges, green tea and black tea.
Also called green tea, is semi-fermented tea.
Lower blood fat, cholesterol, suitable for three high people.
Refreshing mind, should not drink on an empty stomach.

Red tea
The world's favorite.
Tea is warm and non-irritating.
It tastes sweet and mellow.
Regulate spleen and stomach function, suitable for people with bad stomach.

Black tea
Red, thick, Chen, alcohol.
Post-fermented tea, microbial fermentation.
The aroma is unique and the taste is mellow.

improve the intestinal environment and regulate fat metabolism.

Tea, not homework, not bondage, not only "understand" people qualified to love tea. Tea is to enjoy, in the spirit of enjoyment and relaxation to tea, do not have to think about to understand it, but will drink more and more understand. If the beginning to assume that they do not understand, tea estrangement, is not more and more do not understand?

You might think that those who deal with tea every day, or those who are very professional at the beginning, must know tea well. But really ask up, also more will say oneself "know limited ". This is not modesty. Tea culture broad and profound, each kind of tea, have their own characteristics, like the masses of people, who dare to say: can understand everyone? Tea? No tea? Is that important?

In fact, do not understand tea, really not important; the important thing is, every day tea. Qianlihu Zen master said :" must know the basis of tea, but to boil water to order tea." A tea into the hand, more with different ways to try, just bubble her, boys are not bubble sister more, just become a master sister?

It doesn't matter what kind of tea you drink. It's good tea. Tea in hand, one person to you, two people to interest, three finished products. In the world steal leisure time, no lack of life's fun.

All said ," tea can clear heart ", then tea, put the identity aside, put vanity aside, put greed aside, tea encyclopedia said "heart clear can taste tea ", tea, can not bear the light.
With the ordinary heart, drink tea, taste pleasant time. A half-day is worth ten years. Tea, really, just a way of life.

Different seasons or days of different time, corresponding to different tea or tea props, like life or cool or warm time. The difference is that life insipid time accounts for the majority, and the heart quiet down, tea, but there is always taste.