Chinese Paper cut


Chinese Paper-cut —— Non-posthumous Essence

Paper-cut, also known as engraved paper, is a hollowed-out art, is one of the ancient folk art of the Han nationality in China. It gives a visual sense of emptiness and artistic enjoyment. The carrier of paper-cut can be paper, gold and silver foil, bark, leaves, cloth, leather and so on. In May 2006, paper-cut art heritage was approved by the State Council to be included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. In 2009, the Chinese paper-cut project was selected as the "representative list of intangible cultural heritage of mankind ".

Paper-cut is a folk art form with a long history and wide spread in China. The emergence and spread of this folk art is closely related to the Chinese festival customs. On holidays, people stick beautiful and bright paper-cuts on snow-white walls or bright glass windows, doors, lanterns, etc., and the atmosphere of the festival is rendered very rich and festive.

Paper-cut content is a lot, the meaning is very wide, such as dolls, gourds, lotus flowers and other patterns symbolize many children and many blessings; poultry, livestock and fruits, fish and insects are closely related to life, is also an important content of paper-cut performance.

As a folk art paper-cut, has a strong regional characteristics: Shaanxi window style rough and bold; Hebei and Shanxi paper-cut beautiful; Yixing paper-cut gorgeous neat; Nantong paper-cut beautiful exquisite and so on.

· Phoenix Paper ·

Phoenix represents auspicious and peace, Phoenix has the sacred and lofty connotation given by people, so the image of Phoenix is deeply loved by people. In the traditional folk paper-cut pattern, if the image of Phoenix appears, it implies celebration and happiness.

 · Dragon Paper Cutting ·

Dragon, as the spiritual totem of the Chinese nation, has been worshipped and respected by people since ancient times, so its image has also become an important material for paper-cut production.

· Paper cut for flowers and birds ·

Facebook is a painting on the face of Chinese traditional opera actors, used in stage performance makeup plastic arts. Different kinds of Facebook, the situation is different. "Sheng "," Dan" facial makeup simple, slightly fat powder, called "handsome "," plain "," cleansing ". And "net line" and "ugly line" facial painting is more complex, especially net, are reapplied oil color, complex design, so called "flower face ". The facial composition in the opera mainly refers to the clean facial painting. And "ugly ", because it plays a dramatic role, so put a small piece of white powder on the nose, commonly known as small flower face.

Paper-cut for fish

Plant paper-cuts

Paper-cut on the zodiac

Paper-cut art is the traditional folk craft of Han nationality. It has a long history and has been a treasure in Chinese folk art and has become a treasure in the treasure house of world art. That simple, lively and interesting artistic modeling, has a unique artistic charm.