2 new global geoparks in China


China added 2 world geopark, a total of 41! Top of the world

At the 209th meeting of the Executive Board of UNESCO, held in Paris, France, two geoparks of Hunan Xiangxi and Zhangye, Gansu Province, recommended by China, were officially approved as UNESCO World Geopark. So far, of the 161 world geoparks, China has 41, accounting for 1/4 of the world's total, ranking first in the world.

Xiangxi World Geopark Park covers a total area of about 2710 square kilometers, from south to north across Xiangxi Jishou, Phoenix, Guzhang, Huayuan, Baojing, Yongshun, Longshan 7 counties and cities.

It covers 7 scenic spots, namely Luota scenic spot, Furong Town scenic spot, Red Stone Forest scenic spot, Ludong Mountain scenic spot, Xiaozhai scenic spot, Tianxing Mountain scenic spot and 18 Cave scenic spot.

The main features of the park are karst landscape, red stone forest, Cambrian gold nail and plateau cut canyon group landscape.
 Four Features of the Park
1. Global Cambrian standard layer profile ——" gold nail "
2. Large Ordovician red carbonate rock forests worldwide
3. Spectacular cut plateau karst platform - canyon landscape
4. A Model of the Integration of Karst Geological Ecology and Minority Culture
Red Stone Forest

Red stone forest is a rare type of karst landform, because rock strata contain different concentrations of iron oxides, resulting in colorful, unpredictable unique landscape.

Xiangxi red stone forest is mainly distributed in the valley slope of Youshui and its tributaries. The total exposed surface is about 84 km, which is an important part of karst evolution story in southern China.

Western Hunan World Geopark

More than 1,000 red pillars, rich in form, distinct in layers, diverse in types and complex in combination, make visitors astounded, as if in the alien.

You can go to the Duozhai scenic spot, to the Duozhai Grand Canyon, not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also to find the fossils of trilobites;

You can also go to the 18 Cave Scenic area, the scenic area has a beautiful ecological environment, with Oolong line sky, back Ershan and other scenic spots, especially 18 cave, cave connected, the hole landscape strange, wonderful.

Minority culture

Xiangxi World Geopark is also the main settlement of Tujia and Miao nationality, to Furong Town, Luota and other scenic spots can also enjoy the knife ladder, trample mouth, Badai, Dingji and other wonderful performances.

Ethnic cultural activities such as "the Year of the Seedling "," Autumn Festival "," folk songs and love" can also participate ~ Oh