The world's most complex overpass


World's most complex overpass, crisscross like maze, GPS navigation can not save you!

Where is the complex overpass in the world? The answer is Chongqing, China! There are 20 ramps on the 5-story viaduct that can reach 8 different directions. The latest viaduct surprised many netizens and joked that someone might be lost for 3~4 days. Because on this even GPS can not save you!

The complex highway began construction in 2009 and was finally completed on May 31,2017

 "Even if you go in the wrong direction, you just have to walk another kilometer or five ~ six hundred meters to get back to where you are going ," the spokesman said.

Although it has been completed, it will take another year to open up, mainly because the airport road is ready to be completed. According to official reports, netizens don't have to worry too much GPS ca n' t find the right location. They have invited a lot of navigation companies to try and ask companies with unstable information to make adjustments.

Many netizens said :" It's so beautiful "," China's engineering is strong "," still feel lost "," wait and see "

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