Top ten languages in the world


Do you think Chinese ranks first? Take a look at the world's top ten language rankings!

According to the number of users, it goes without saying that the most populous language in the world is of course Chinese, and the number of users alone is 1.4 billion.

But if the number of countries used is used as the standard, it is not necessarily.

Apart from Chinese, what is the use of other languages? Here is a list of the top ten languages in the world. Let's take a look ~ it

Top 10 Language Users in the World No.1 Chinese

China has a population of about 1.4 billion, and there are 50 million Chinese-speaking Chinese overseas, including Singapore, overseas Chinese and foreign students in various countries. Unlike Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi and other local languages, Chinese people are spreading Chinese more quickly and strongly, and there must be Chinatown United States and Europe, there must be Chinatown. In Chinatown, speaking Chinese can be unhindered. Population is a factor, and Chinese is the second largest language, closely related to China's growing economic strength. Now in China, the total economic volume is second only to the United States, the world is learning Chinese more and more foreigners, nothing else, to make money.

Top Ten Language Users No.2 English

The population of English as the official language is over 1 billion, with 73 countries as the official language, and the standard language of the United Nations is English. The United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom of Europe, Australia in Oceania, India in Asia, and over half of the countries in Africa all make English the official language. From the territory of English-speaking countries, is undoubtedly the first. In terms of the economy of English-speaking countries, it is also the first. Militaryly speaking, it is the first. With the exception of a slightly smaller population than Chinese, English is the world's first language.

Top 10 speakers No.3 Spanish

Some 500 million Spanish speakers and 23 countries are official languages. In addition to Spain, Mexico in Central America and Argentina in South America, Spanish is the official language. In addition, there are many Spanish speakers in other countries of the world. The first language of the United States is English, and the second language is Spanish.

Global Top Ten Language Users No.4 French

Some 340 million French users and 34 countries are official languages. Like Spanish, French covers a very wide range, especially in some English-speaking countries, such as Canada, where French is the second largest language, and nearly half of Africa has made it the official language.