Chinese video lessons HSK level 3
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Chinese video lessons HSK level 3

Chinese course HSK 3 is for learners who has finished the Chinese course HSK 2. It includes 20 units and Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Speaking, Writing parts in each. By the end of the level, you can reach HSK level 3 with 200+ sentence structures,650+ vocabulary and Chinese characters. It takes you around 3-4 months to finish this level if you study 15 minutes everyday. In order to enable students to master the course of Chinese Course HSK 3 better, we have online live Chinese courses for you to choose in which you can have a Chinese teacher online to learn Chinese with.

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Learn Chinese video lessons HSK level 3 and free online Chinese lesson

Learn Chinese online with the Chinese course HSK 3. A total of 20 lessons in the Chinese course HSK 3. Each lesson is around a theme, four scenes, each scene has 3 rounds of conversation, each lesson has 10-15 new words and 2-4 language points. Course is designed strictly following the Chinese HSK level 3 outline of 600 words.

Chinese course HSK 3 Contents:

  • Lesson 1:What's your plan for the weekend  周末你有什么打算
  • Lesson 2:When will he come back  他什么时候回来
  • Lesson 3:There are plenty of drinks on the tabel  桌子上放着很多饮料
  • Lesson 4:She always smiles when talking to customers  她总是笑着跟客人说话
  • Lesson 5:I am getting fatter and fatter  我最近越来越胖了
  • Lesson 6:Why are they suddenly missing  怎么突然找不到了
  • Lesson 7:I've known her for five years  我跟她认识五年了
  • Lesson 8:I'll go wherever you go  你去哪儿我就去哪儿
  • Lesson 9:She speaks Chinese like a native  她的汉语说得跟中国人一样好
  • Lesson 10:Maths is much harder than history  数学比历史难多了
  • Lesson 11:Don't forget to turn off the AC  别忘了把空调关了
  • Lesson 12:Leave the important items with me  把重要的东西放在我这儿吧
  • Lesson 13:I walked back  我是走回来的
  • Lesson 14:Please bring the fruit here  你把水果拿过来
  • Lesson 15:The rest of them are all ok  其他都没什么问题
  • Lesson 16:I want to do nothing but sleep after work   我现在累得下了班就想睡觉
  • Lesson 17:Everybody is able to cure your "disease"  谁都有办法看好你的“病”
  • Lesson 18:I believe they'll agree  我相信他们会同意的
  • Lesson 19:Didn't you recognise him  你没看出来吗
  • Lesson 20:I've been influenced by him   我被他影响了


IIn the Chinese course HSK 2, the content of each lesson is divided into mini Chinese video lessons of phonetic, grammar, vocabulary, dialogue, Chinese characters knowledge, writing etc. Each video lesson is less than ten minutes. After learning each video lesson, we will provide another video of practice for learners to observe and consolidate what they have learned. Please follow the teacher's instructions in the video to listen, speak, read, write, type.  After watching the Chinese video lessons, you can do the quiz which attached to the video lesson and check your mastery. In addition, HSK 2 courseware PDF manuscripts of all key content can be download with the video lessons.

As the third course of Chinese HSK courses, Chinese course HSK 3 is in the series of the Chinese Video Lessons and inherits the idea of compiling Chinese course HSK 1 and HSK 2. Students are able to manage more complicated conversations in their daily and professional lives, such as seeing a doctor, renting a house, visiting a factory, making a toast on business dinner, etc. This level’s course also further improves students’ reading skill. Students are able to recognize around 600 characters through this course, and independently read simple messages and short articles in Chinese. Students are able to compose a short story and writing a simple working email in Chinese. 

Our Chinese course HSK 3 3 lets learners learn happily, easily and efficiently. You can test your ability and level through the examination of Chinese HSK Level 3 after learning Chinese course HSK 3. I hope this course can help each learner to go further on the way to learning Chinese.

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