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Chinese course HSK 2

Chinese course HSK 2 is for learners who has finished the Chinese course HSK 1. It includes 15 units and Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Speaking, Writing parts in each. By the end of the level, you can reach HSK level 2 with 100+ sentence structures,350+ vocabulary and Chinese characters. It takes you around 3-4 months to finish this level if you study 15 minutes everyday
In order to enable students to master the course of Chinese Course HSK 2 better, we have online live Chinese courses for you to choose in which you can have a Chinese teacher online to learn Chinese with.

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Learn Chinese course HSK 2 with free online Chinese lesson and Chinese video course

Learn Chinese online with the Chinese course HSK 2. A total of 15 lessons in the Chinese course HSK 2. Each lesson is around a theme, four scenes, each scene has 2-3 rounds of conversation, each lesson has 10-15 new words and 2-4 language points. Chinese course HSK 2 is designed strictly following the Chinese HSK level 2 outline of 300 words.

Chinese course HSK 2 Contents:

  • Lesson 1:September is the best time to visit Beijing  九月去北京旅游最好
  • Lesson 2:I get up at six every day  我每天六点起床
  • Lesson 3:The red one on the left is mine  左边那个红色的是我的
  • Lesson 4:He recommended me for the job  这个工作是他帮我介绍的
  • Lesson 5:Take this one  就买这件吧
  • Lesson 6:Why don't you eat more  你怎么不吃了
  • Lesson 7:Do you live far from your company  你家离公司远吗
  • Lesson 8:Let me think about it  让我想想再告诉你
  • Lesson 9:There were too many questions  题太多,我没做完
  • Lesson 10:He is three years older than me  他比我大三岁
  • Lesson 11:Your cell phone is on the desk   别找了,你的手机在桌子上呢
  • Lesson 12:You wear too little  你穿得太少了
  • Lesson 13:The door is open  门开着呢
  • Lesson 14:Have you seen that movie  你看过那个电影吗
  • Lesson 15:The New Year is coming  新年就要到了

In the Chinese course HSK 2, the content of each lesson is divided into mini Chinese video lessons of phonetic, grammar, vocabulary, dialogue, Chinese characters knowledge, writing etc. Each video lesson is less than ten minutes. After learning each video lesson, we will provide another video of practice for learners to observe and consolidate what they have learned. Please follow the teacher's instructions in the video to listen, speak, read, write, type.  After watching the Chinese video lessons, you can do the quiz which attached to the video lesson and check your mastery. In addition, HSK 2 courseware PDF manuscripts of all key content can be download with the video lessons.

Each lesson in Chinese course HSK 2 contains 4 different scenes, each scene has two rounds of conversation. The topics include shopping, daily routine, work, traveling etc. and some Chinese culture is contained in the content. You can find a large number of sentences from real life in our Chinese video lessons. By learning the lessons of Chinese course HSK 2, you can lay a rich topic foundation for the HSK2 examination.

The teaching content of Chinese characters writing section is 8 strokes, 14 single characters and 30 Radicals. Radicals teaching runs through the teaching of the Chinese course HSK 2. For the Chinese characters, we’ll enable you to read and type all the 300 words in Chinese and write part of them.

Beihai Mandarin Chinese course HSK 2 lets learners learn happily, easily and efficiently. You can test your ability and level through the examination of Chinese HSK Level 2 after learning Chinese course HSK 2. I hope this course can help each learner to go further on the way to learning Chinese.

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