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Chinese Reading Materials

According to the HSK syllabus, Beihai Mandarin® Chinese reading materials are divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. Chinese reading materials and leveled reading can help you practice your listening and reading skills. Also, they will help you expand your Chinese vocabulary in a short time.

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Learn Beihai Mandarin® Chinese Reading Materials and Chinese video course

Beihai Mandarin Chinese reading materials are with rich subjects: Apart from news reading, you can find Chinese and foreign stories, myths and legends, historical stories, popular science articles, beautiful essays, etc. It is suitable for all Chinese learners. Whether you are HSK learners or follow IBDP, AP, SAT, ICGSE and other systems, you can find suitable reading materials here.

Chinese learning requires the practice of listening, speaking, reading and writing, which is based on a large number of Chinese vocabulary, sentences and paragraphs. Dialogues and texts in Chinese textbooks are limited. Although we have already added some dialogues and texts to our Chinese online courses, we believe that Chinese learners still need to supplement their reading materials to improve their language sense and build up their vocabulary by reading more real-life content.

Why you need to make good use of the Beihai Mandarin Chinese reading materials

· An effective complement to the course
· Expand your vocabulary quickly
· We keep updating to provide you with latest articles
· Various topics and abundant content

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